No Kid Hungry

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Generation No Kid Hungry
Photo Essay Contest

One in five children live in households that struggle to put food on the table. That’s 16 million Americans. Generation No Kid Hungry believes teens can make a difference. Here’s how! Encourage your students to enter the Generation No Kid Hungry Photo Essay Contest for U.S. students in grades-7-12.

This “real-world” photography and writing assignment will prompt teens to think deeply about an important issue while building key critical-thinking and expository-writing skills. For some students, this assignment might even be life changing.

Visual Arts Minnesota

Congratulation to the following students who won awards at the Visual Arts Minnesota art exhibition.

Photography: Michael Bryant 1st

Photography: Ty Lesmann 3rd

Sculpture: Anika Korpi  1st

Ceramics: Andrew Yohn 3rd

Drawing: Molly Meyer 1st

Painting: Jackson Fisher 1st